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About Kids’ Place

How to Enroll

Volunteer Opportunities

About Kids’ Place

Kids’ Place is an after-school and summer program for children in 1st-5th grade. The children in Kids’ Place are low-income and need extra academic or social support. The focus of Kids’ Place is improving academic skills. Along with tutoring and homework help, we provide substance abuse and violence prevention education and enrichment activities including art and physical activities.

Almost all of the children who enter Kids’ Place are reading below grade level and struggling in other subjects. Kids’ Place staff work with each participant on completing homework assignments, increasing his or her reading level, and math and writing skills.

How To Enroll

Because we want to offer each child personalized attention, we enroll only fifty children. Participants are expected to attend at least four days a week. The program is free.

Children are referred to Kids’ Place by school teachers or counselors because of academic or social need. Children must attend school in the Rochester School District and be eligible for free or reduced price school lunch. If you are interested in enrolling your child in Kids’ Place, please speak with your child’s teacher or school counselor.

Volunteer Opportunities

Kids’ Place has many volunteer opportunities. We need volunteers who can work one-on-one with students and listen to them read, practice math facts, or assist with other homework. Volunteers also help with crafts, games, or special projects. If you are interested, please click here to download a volunteer application or contact Gabrielle Davis at 360-273-6375.


Any donations, large or small, are accepted at any time of year. GO